Insein Township

           The township is located in north part of Yangon, bordering Shwepyithar township in the north, Hlaingtharya township in the west, Mingaladon township in the east and south. Its area is 35 km and has 21 wards. There are 33 primary schools, 10 middle schools, 5 high schools. This township is known by its highest Buddha image (Kyaut Daw Kyi Pagoda) which is sculpture with marble stone. There are many universities in this township, as such: Christian Dammha University, Myanmar Dammha University, Yangon Medical Technology University, Yangon Technology University, Livestock Breeding and Veterinary Departnment, CID. Ywama Pariyatti Buddhist University which locate in the north ward at Innsein Ywama is well- known and many famous monks around Myanmar studied in this University. Kayin ethnic traditional events are celebrating in township annually. Many wards’ names in this township are suffix with “Kone” such as Danyin Kone, Bo Kone, Tonethu Kone, Shan Kone, Zay Kone, Zee Oak Kone, Nantthar Kone, Sawbwagyi Kone and Kyo Kone … all are the famous in town. Insein is the populated township with a lot of flats, shops, detached homes..

Properties in Insein:

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