ARC Real Estate Service

Vision - To be the leading professional real estate company for both clients and real estate salespersons in Myanmar.
Mission - At ARC, we are committed to give best in service,best in results and best in customer satisfaction.We aim to cultivate a network of young locals into a skilled team of committed professionals with highest level of service and integrity.
Core Values
Integrity - We at ARC conduct ourselves with utmost professionalism and integrity.We are honest,accountable and always transparent in every aspect of our work.
Efficiency - We perform quickly, effectively and only deliver up-to-date information to ensure our clients benefit from real time advantage.
Our Team - We are a team of dedicated individuals working together towards a singular vision for both company and client.


No.422, Strand Road (Corner of Botahtaung Pagoda Road) #04-02, Botahtaung Tonwship, Yangon, Myanmar

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တင်ထားပြီးသော အရောင်းကြော်ငြာ အရေအတွက်


တင်ထားပြီးသော အငှါးကြော်ငြာ အရေအတွက်


တင်ထားပြီးသော စုစုပေါင်းကြော်ငြာ အရေအတွက်