Houses for Sale in Lanmadaw

House for Sale in Lanmadaw

Looking forward to be a part of an active and lively community? One of the six downtown areas, Lanmadaw township should be one of your choices. Being the central hub of the city, businesses and shops thrive in this area. Apart from others like houses in Sanchaung or houses in Hlaing, houses for sale in Lanmadaw are mostly interested by people whose purpose is to do business. Even while some of the house buildings in Lanmadaw are built long ago, they are renovated and maintained with today standards such as installing air conditioners. Also most of them are large in terms of surface area, being suitable for any type of business, from a restaurant to a show room. While some are chasing available houses, you should also take a look in apartments for sales and houses for rent within the township as it might be less expensive than buying a house. There are already several successful businesses within the vicinity of the township such as Shwe Pu Zun bakery, T8 Hair salon, Yunan BBQ and Tin R restaurant.