Houses for Sale in Hlaing

House for Sale in Hlaing

A township with surface area of 13.7 kilometers, Hlaing township is a very much favored spot to live by many locals for various reasons. Moderate living cost and also providing different varieties of property types are part of those reasons. The composition of Hlaing township is different from other townships’ as it has vast land amount and also environmental standards so is the same for real estate like houses for sale in Bahan or houses for sale in Yankin. You can choose from houses in an area where middle classes are located or to a more slum like area where both the houses and environment are in poor condition just within the township boundary. Apart from houses, there are also a wide variety of properties to choose such as apartments for sale or condos for sale within the township. As the township’s territory covers up a lot of land pieces, there are many public and private facilities within the boundary such as University of Yangon, Thiri Mingalar Market and Inya Lake.