Apartments for Sale in Lanmadaw

Apartment for Sale in Lanmadaw

Lanmadaw is one of the six downtown townships. With a total area of 1.41 kilometers, the township lies in touch with Ahlone township, Lathar township and Dagon township. As it is a downtown area, you will have a very different lifestyle here apart from living at apartments in Bahan or apartments in Dagon.Streets of Lanmadaw township are filled with various types of apartments, ranging from normal studio apartments to large ones with rooms formation. It is also one of the crowded locations of Yangon. Not just apartments, there are also condo rooms for sale and houses for sale within the township. Even though most of the buildings in this area are for residential purpose, there are also several businesses running in the township such as Shwe Pu Zun Bakery, Junction Mawtin, hotels and restaurants. There are also two distinct public facilities within the township ; Yangon General Hospital and Central Women Hospital which is rely by most women for their maternal health and child delivery.