Apartments for Sale in Bahan

Apartment for Sale in Bahan

As the houses within the township are well known for their large surface area and various kinds of facilities, the fact is same for the apartments rooms for sale in Bahan township. Larger than normal apartments rooms like apartments in Mayangone or apartments in Tamwe, the rooms of apartments in Bahan are mostly above 800 sqft in surface area, whereas 600 sqft is the standard for apartments. Since there is more living space, the selling price of these apartments is also higher than those from other townships. Still it is reasonable as the apartments are better and also the location offers a peaceful and quiet environment. But if you are looking for a different taste of living style, houses for sale and condos for sale in Bahan townships are other available options. There are a lots of famous venues within the township’s territory such as Myanmar Plaza, Ocean Supercenter, General Aung San’s Museum, Martyrs’ Mausoleum and some religious sites like Shwedagon Pagoda.