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Houses for Rent in Lanmadaw


Lanmadaw | Yangon Region


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16 Lakh (Kyats)

Houses for Rent in Lanmadaw

While new apartment developments rise up day by day in Lanmadaw, there are also some houses scattered around this crowded township. Some modern and some old, these houses either serves as a shelter for a family or a business venue such as tea shops, chinese food restaurants or electrical work shops. Houses for rent in Lanmadaw aren’t isn’t as big as those houses for rent in Bahan or houses in Tamwe, similar more to those houses for rent in Botahtaung. Also since the township lies within the downtown area, people more intend to rent houses to do business rather than to move in. For residential purpose, people more prefer apartments for rent or condos for rent in Lanmadaw. Some of the houses in the township are very much outdated, some were even built back in 1960. Owners sometime renovate their buildings into modern standard for the business purpose.