Apartments for Rent in Lanmadaw

Apartment for Rent in Lanmadaw

The well known township of Lanmadaw exists within the heart of Yangon city. Being one of the six downtown townships, many modern apartment buildings are established within the Lanmadaw township. The buildings are different in anyway to others like apartments in Lathar or apartments in Pabedan which were built mostly either for office purpose or business purpose. As they were built mainly built for for residential purpose, you can find lots of apartments for rent in Lanmadaw township. Still you can also find shops and offices for rent as well as some condos for rent in Lanmadaw township. People with lots of different backgrounds and ethics stay in the township and also it is interested by expats since it is like the central hub to other locations around Yangon. There are also several famous avenues in township such as Junction Mawtin, University of Medicine (1) and several bars and restaurants.