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The Interview with U Myo Win in Charge of Swe Daw City Project

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Swe Daw City Project is being built by Gamonepwint Co.,Ltd with the purpose for the public to be able to avoid suffocation in downtown area. Therefore, the company chooses Mingalardone Township, a good public transpord and wide place and built Swe Daw City Project, 8 buildings of 8-storey.

Currently, building A and building B is being built as Fact 1. Swimming pool, gym and supermarkets will be included the buildings. The natural lake will be repaired and decorated for the residents’ satisfaction.

There will be included two types of room as 2 bed rooms, 3 bed rooms. 2 bed room type will be 900 sqft and 1000 sqft width and 3 bed room with the width of 1200 sqft and 1260 sqft. The price for 1 sqft is set as 75000, 80000, 90000, 10000, 12000 MMK. The room price will be different according to the view point from the room.
One car parking for each room will be provided. 30% of Swe Daw City Project has been sold out. The customers can purchase with 4 times installment plans. Therefore, the customers can visit and inquire Swe Daw City Project with the best facilities.

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