Apartments for Rent in Bahan

Apartment for Rent in Bahan

A township with the total width of 8.84 kilometers, Bahan township is comprised with 22 blocks. Exists in joints to other well known townships like Mayangone and Yankin, apartments for rent in Bahan townships are unusually larger and wider than others for example like those of apartments for rent in Sanchaung or apartments for rent in Hlaing township. The rental price also goes up in relation to the surface area of the rooms. Even though not a very popular location for apartment rentals among most locals, the place considered as an ideal choice by both middle class and expats due to its quiet and peaceful environment. Very well known Kandawgyi Park and Lake exists within the township’s territory and it is a recommended site to take a morning jog or an evening stroll. There are many houses for rent and also several condos for rent in Bahan township, offering large rooms and wide compounds.