KT Construction Group

KT Mandalay Construction Co.,Ltd was founded since 1996 and started real estate services, construction services and renting land and apartments. We have cooperated with government on various projects including the construction of Nawarat Avenue.
Recently, we have expanded our urban development projects and have completed distinguished condominium and apartment such as Satdwamahi Condominium Project, which stand tall in the middle of Mandalay beside the city’s monument, Mandalay Moat.
Our goal is to help build better communities by our widely thorough knowledge, countless experiences, risk tackling abilities, innovative mindset and reliability.
Clients and contractors have also had high level of satisfaction by our services throughout the progresses.
With skilled and experienced labour, hard working staff and engineers and advanced equipment, we are sure to give achievements on various infrastructures and real estate services.
KT MANDALAY CONSTRUCTION Co.,Ltd is contributed in 2012 under the company license no. (2012/2012-2013) of Ministry of National Planning and Economic Development.

ဤကုမၸဏီ၏ Link => www.imyanmarhouse.com/kt-construction-group

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