Bago Region

Bago Region


Bago is the capital city of the Bago Region of Myanmar and was formerly the capital of southern Myanmar. It is situated between the forested Bago Mountains (west) and the Sittang River (east). Bago was previously spelt as Pegu and before that was named Hanthawaddy. This port city is surrounded by the ruins of its old wall and moat and is 91 kilometres (57 miles) northeast of Yangon. Extensive road links in all directions via the new highway lead Yangon & Ngwe Saung (east), Kyaiktiyo & Mawlamyine (southeast) and Bagan & Mandalay (north).

During the British era, Bago was developed into Myanmar’s main rice and timber region which stands till today. It houses numerous historical sites such as the ornate, reconstructed Kanbawzathadi Golden Palace originally built in the 16th century.

The momentum of the new Hanthawaddy International Airport; set for completion in 2022, replacing Yangon as Myanmar's main air hub set into motion an upward trend for properties for sale in Bago. This economic spill over is consequently leading to a robust forecast as it breathes new life into the economy and properties for sale in Bago will be in demand. Properties for rent in Bago will bloom caused by the ripple effect of the influx of people in this bustling new air hub promising business and jobs. Developers will need to cater to new buyers with greater purchasing power and the market for houses for sale in Bago will be part of the burgeoning growth of Bago’s property market.

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Avg Sale Price 12.90K (Lakhs)

Properties For Sale in Bago Region 35

Avg Rent Price 279 (Lakhs)

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