Botahtaung 4th Lane (Sky May Construction)

Botahtaung 4th Lane (Sky May Construction)

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                 Botahtaung 4th Lane condo is located at (18/20), Botahtaung - 4 street/ Thomson, Botahtaung township and developed by Sky May Construction.



  • Built by the Foundation Pile Foundation.
  • Ready Mixed Concrete
  • Elevator (for 8 person)
  • Elevator fire interrupted the nearest floor is equipped with an automatic parking system.
  • Elevator Power meter (1) has been installed.
  • Maine and verandah doors ironwood tree tip-frame has been installed.
  • The gates of the islands of maine and verandah doors have been installed.
  • Steel verandah and steel ladder warrant installed.
  • Wall & Floor finishing for Bathroom & Toilet 
  • Fire lines EI electronic authorization has been installed as advanced pipeline.
  • Each toilet room western toilet (1) has been installed.
  • Own meters are installed in each room.
  • Ground Tank water system will be distributed.
  • It receives support from the Fire Department.


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Botahtaung 4th Lane (Sky May Construction)

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